About FloraLuna Designs

FloraLuna Designs is a small business based in Cambridgeshire, UK.
We specialise in handmade clothing, accessories and also up-cycled items. 
FloraLuna Designs came about in April 2020 but was trading under a different business name until March 2021 when it became rebranded as FloraLuna Designs. 
Why 'FloraLuna'? Flowers, nature and space are the main themes seen on FloraLuna items unless commissioned otherwise (get in contact for a commission!). And well, flowers on the moon would be pretty cool right?! 

We aim to be as sustainable as possible and are always improving aspects of the business. All new stock is made from certified organic cotton or recycled materials. The dyes and paints used are vegan friendly and eco-friendly and all of the packaging is either recyclable (and recycled!) or biodegradable.